When is the Traces Season 1 Episode 6 release date?
Traces Crime, Mystery, Episode “Episode 6” | 60 min | 01:0:26 | 2019-12-24 | | Total Episodes .

Original Title : Traces Season 1 Episode 6 — Episode 6
Genre : Crime, Mystery
Air Date : 2019-12-24
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Overview : While Kathy oversees the excavation of Marie’s grave, Daniel gives McKinven the lead he needs to make an arrest. But it’s the exacting forensic science that finally brings peace for Emma.
Episode 6
Patrick Kent, an executive of a New York firm chaired by his father-in-law, goes missing in an airport in San Diego. Danny and Martin are dispatched to investigate in San Diego, and when they find that the two suitcases Patrick took to the airport were empty, they begin to unravel a web of lies that involve almost all aspects of the troubled man’s life. It isn’t long before the team realise that nothing about Patrick is as it first appears and the further the investigation goes, the more it seems that Patrick might have felt trapped by his life and had been searching for a way out.

Traces Season 1 Episode 7
Abby Buckman, the three-year-old daughter of ADA Angela Buckman and her NYU lecturer husband Matthew, vanishes on a trip to the park with her nanny. The team suspects that Angela’s work may be the cause of her little girl’s disappearance, especially after she tells them she was threatened on the street by a man only days earlier. However, when they discover that Matthew had been unfaithful to Angela before Abby’s birth, they speculate that the student he had an affair with, who has recently been back in contact with him, could also be to blame. Despite many sightings and pieces of evidence that come into the office, the team hit a wall with every inquiry. That is until Jack and Sam look again at the bare facts of the case and propose that Abby may not have been the target of the kidnapper at all.

Traces Season 1 Episode 8
William Hope, a teenager living in a foster home, goes missing after leaving his job at a burger restaurant late at night. The team at first speculate that he may have run away, but when they discover he has an older brother, Aaron, who was convicted of some serious criminal activity, they think again. Jack battles to get William’s profile into the media, but has a hard time doing so until evidence surfaces that suggests that William and Aaron may have involved themselves in gun crime.

Traces Season 1 Episode 9
Anwar Samir, a doctor of Saudi Arabian descent, goes missing from the hospital where he works. There is speculation that he may be involved in terrorist activities and Jack calls in help from a specialist squad. The team attempt to handle the case from a neutral perspective, while balancing the young doctor’s future career against the potential for terrorist action.