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Original Title : Shameless Season 10 Episode 7 — Citizen Carl
Genre : Drama, Comedy
Air Date : 2019-12-22
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Overview : Carl embraces his civic duty while Debbie searches for her next payday. Frank meets the woman of his dreams, and Ian and Mickey get roped into a dangerous scam for Paula. When tragedy strikes at the Alibi, Kev and V go undercover to find new customers.

‘Shameless’ Season 10 Episode 7 review: Gallaghers aren’t meant for domestic peace, but they’re so entertaining with the alternative

This article contains spoilers for season 10, episode 7: ‘Citizen Carl’

One would think that after all they go through, the Gallaghers would finally sit back quietly and enjoy the momentary peace they acquire, but then they wouldn’t really be the Gallaghers we have come to love and adore in the last ten years. With Lip and Tami finally deciding that the Gallagher house wasn’t enough space for any kind of life to be raised, their living situation was expected to get better, but it looks like only utter chaos presides over their family life.

Meanwhile, Ian might be thrilled to be united with Mickey but it looks like the two might soon get sick of each other again with their parole officers being seemingly extremely considerate of the couple needing more time with each other. In all of this mayhem, our titular citizen Carl’s efforts in turning their neighborhood safer might go for a toss, but hey – there’s always Debbie’s conwoman ways to look forward to!

We meet Lip and Tami at their new residence right at the crack of dawn; of course, it’s with Freddie’s wake up cries and while the couple does hesitate about who gets to pick up the baby, there’s peace so far in the Gallagher-Tamieti trailer because both get up at the same time. Lip has the brilliant realization that it’s been six weeks since the baby was born, which means he and Tami can consider having sex again, but alas – they are interrupted by the overflowing clogged toilet as Tami didn’t think that baby wipes were non-disposable in RV commodes.

You’d think the couple would be allowed the one leeway after being through an emergency c-section, hemorrhage crisis, possible post-partum depression alongside single new parent woes and the inevitable confusion over their living situation, but no. Shit happens, and most of the time it’s literally in the Gallaghers’ case. So off the two go disposing off the massive dump of poo which finds a way into the conversation every time they try following up on the sex thing.

Speaking of sex, Ian and Mickey are clearly having loads of it, now that the two possibly have their own room at the Gallaghers’ but their honeymoon phase is short lived too – first, with the arrival of Mickey’s absurdly gropey cousin, and second, by Ian’s corrupt parole officer who has somehow weaseled her way into both Ian’s earnings, and his boyfriend’s parole situation. Turns out Paula spoke with Mickey’s parole officer and took him over as her responsibility, so that means Ian and Mickey’s problems just doubled up because we all have seen what that snivelly woman is capable of. She is probably going to scam off of Mickey’s earnings too now that she knows the two are a package deal, and Ian’s righteousness has already cost her money off the insurance fraud dollars.

Paula’s corrupt and immoral ways are countered by Carl’s ever-evolving conscience and sensitivity as witnessing a woman getting murdered in a robbery all because the bus stop was dark gets him inspired to address the matter at the city council. His vigor to do something about the city of Chicago is met with disappointment and nonchalance from the office and we know Carl Gallagher doesn’t take no for an answer, no matter how hard his seedy boss might try to get him to get into her pants. A boy can’t even protect his city in peace – as is clear from Carl’s tribulations – a situation where he could look forward to empathy from Debbie.

The newly turned matriarch of the family gets dragged into scamming rich, older men for more babies and more resplendence from child support, but she manages to sneak her way out when matters get too serious. The fact that the next episode is titled along the lines of ‘Debbie is a prostitute’ is actually alarming because does this mean she eventually caves in? And we thought Debbie’s conwoman ways couldn’t stoop any lower. That she is one of the few female characters playing the crook so effortlessly is what only makes this even better, but due nod should go to her father in this department, who has now realized that every time a drinking buddy of his dies, he could go over and wipe their house off drugs and piggy banks before the next of kin show up.

Just the perks of being an alcoholic degenerate, you know. The same perks that include beyond filthy rich women finding Frank attractive enough to be enchanted by his pose and this time its the svelte French – Faye. It’s another whirlwind romance, just the way Frank’s most ‘relationships’ happen, but with Ingrid’s babies still on the horizon maybe he’d do better than dive headfirst into another raging maniac. One could only hope!

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