Original Title : Altered Carbon Season 3 Episode 1 — Episode 1
Genre : Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Air Date : March 19, 2020
Watch this link! : https://bit.ly/2L86Q45

Plot : Altered Carbon Season 3 Episode 1 There are two primary questions we want to resolve in season three. Firstly, we’re not exactly sure what’s happening with Kovacs just yet. Is he dead? Is he alive? What went on with him during the end of the second season? Are we going to follow older Kovacs, or the younger version spun up by Carrera? If we’re sticking with the Kovacs we’ve come to know and love, how did he escape being ‘real-deathed’ (permanently murdered with no coming back) at the end of season 2? There’s so much for the showrunners to explore regarding Kovacs’ fate based on the close of season 2. The other major question we’re left to figure out is what’s going to happen to Poe? Who’s that DHF that he’s got stored inside his programming? Is it our Kovacs, or is Poe finally becoming the real human that he’s longed to be for so long? Until the third season airs, we’ll be stuck here, puzzling out what could be.