Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 Episode 21 review.
When is the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 Episode 21 live stream, release date?
Air Date 23 December 2019.

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On the conclusion of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion, the cast checks Brittany B about her career, A1 and Lyrica try and resolve their relationship troubles, and we say goodbye to one of the OGs of the Hollywood cast.

‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ Season 6 finale preview: Lyrica and A1 take a stand as the fate of their marriage hangs in the balance
With the finale of ‘LHHH’ Season 6 just around the corner, here is a sneak peek on what is in store for us on the power-packed finale episode. This season focussed heavily on Lyrica Anderson and her husband A1 Bentley’s marital issues after A1 was caught cheating on his wife.
Through the course of this season, we saw the couple taking baby-steps to fix their relationship after Lyrica moved out of their home. The sneak peek clip for the next episode shows A1 and Lyrica at a park engaged in a heated argument.

We hear A1 saying that Lyrica should be more considerate of his feelings, while Lyrica blames him for their messy situation. We see her walking away while wishing him good luck with his life. Does this mean that their marriage is done for good? We will know in the upcoming episode.
It’s not just A1 who is having problems with Lyrica. We see the fight between her and fellow cast member Brittany B take a violent turn.

The ladies are seen feuding over the post each of them made against the other on their social media accounts. We later see Lyrica sitting down with K Michelle and discussing her fight with Brittany B. We can’t wait to hear K Michelle’s witty commentary on their feud.

Onto the other central plot line of this season — Fizz and Apryl’s relationship. While nothing was shown about them, we see Moniece discussing with J Boog about how her son Cameron is affected by everything happening.
She reveals that one day while she was having a breakdown, Cameron reportedly began crying about why his mother can’t be normal. That must have been really hard for Moniece.

‘LHHH’ isn’t just limited to fights and drama, there’s some music too. We see Ray J finally perform with Immature and Marques Houston. It did look promising. We see all the cast members cheering on for the performers. Especially YoYo who seemed to be genuinely enjoying their performance.

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