S. A . Bashar & Co. Ltd. has one primary goal – to provide top quality products and unparalleled services to all our customers. We have a solid commitment of working hard and meeting all our customers’ requirements.

Businesses of S. A. Bashar & Co. Ltd. are based on a great heritage, built on strong ethical principles, namely honesty, integrity, innovativeness, and the highest levels of professionalism. With several business units, S. A. Bashar & Co. Ltd. has anchored its name in Bangladesh businesses and households alike, as well as in international markets.

We have successfully followed an expansion strategy and developed innovative solutions. Today, our company has investments in various types of service sectors, and a large customer base across several countries and industries.

SA. Bashar & Co. Ltd. is a very dynamic company that remains at the forefront of all the industries. We continue to evolve as industry trends and our customers’ wants change. Markets are increasingly becoming very competitive, and this requires constant innovation to get ahead. S. A. Bashar & Co. Ltd. keeps pace with the changing world through new ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

Our company has achieved many milestones mainly due to full dedication and hard work by our highly skilled and experienced workforce. I would like to express my gratitude to all our staff on all levels – without them we would not be where we are today as a company.